[Domain Theory is the Syllabus of Loquate courses offered. Its R# hyperlink courses are listed there.]
You empower yourself and others in satisfaction of innate needs through primary values resulting in happiness or joy for yourself and increased sense of community in every small group of which you are a part. All courses are free.
There are 3 Degrees of mentored certification as a  Smart® Ambassador of Community: 1st – 81 hours, 2nd -54 hours, and 3rd – 27 hours. Submit documentation to who will issue all OFFICIAL CERTIFICATIONS also without charge.
To lead the life you want to lead, offer your own meta group. A meta group is an overlay that leads to the 4 pillars of happiness, as defined and explained by Arthur C. Brooks a Harvard Scientist, which are family, friends, work, and faith. Teach the primary values that satisfy innate needs in a genuine Smart® meta group. Use a feedback loop. Become a facilitator. Self correct to check out if you have satisfied your innate needs and permitted satisfaction of the innate needs of others. All else flows logically from there.
People remember how you make them feel. The first step is to become a facilitator using our Smart® process. As skills grow with our free resources, you increase motivation and build wellbeing through community.
The leaders in the environment know the members and go out of their way to be helpful. Though the members are quite diverse, personal diversity is celebrated for its contribution. There is a sense of group loyalty and group support. The atmosphere is cohesive. The environment is a community.
Ryan sees “Amazing Convergence” with Loquate’s primary values which become Smart® habits that satisfy innate needs. Like sailors eating limes to prevent scurvy, Smart® habits overcome the scurvy of the human spirit which is diminished motivation and well-being. Interfaith small group members build community in every group of which they are a part, and individually tend toward happiness or joy.
Since no two people are alike in their beliefs, you can never change another except by changing yourself. Learn and follow the 3s Process Training Video and Interfaith Dialogue Short Form.
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