To insure freedom to live your deepest beliefs in harmony with all, throughout our materials we use the following terms interchangeably: “That which you value the most for the common good,” Spirit, and God. This excludes no one and includes everyone of goodwill.

Your interiorly preferred work can be the apex of your life, a job only you can do from all eternity. Just follow that still small voice within. Create or join one of our Loquate small groups, based on shared experience of Natural Law, not advice. All are invited.

Let me explain. Over 50 years ago I set out trying to educate myself on sense of community.

I first experienced sense of community from two back-to-back school experiences: one without, and one with, sense of community. Then later, after graduation, I experienced two environments meeting people: one without, and one with, sense of community. Meeting a person at the most popular bar in Manhattan, was very different from meeting a person in the student union of the school with the sense of community. I longed to bottle the difference. So as to offer it widespread. Scientifically I believed it was possible.

Fifty volunteer years later, I understand “you” make the difference when “you” are empowered to do so. The empowerment occurs in education and implementation in Loquate small groups. In science you have to know what equation to solve for. The Loquate X Factor is “Freedom to live one’s deepest beliefs in harmony with all.” Certification of the empowerment occurs at Loquate.