Loquate is Community

Loquate is Community.

Only community is peace, happiness, and joy.

Loquate defines sense of community as an environment characterized by togetherness and sharing as opposed to cool detachment. The leaders in the environment know the members and go out of their way to be helpful. Though the members are quite diverse, personal diversity is celebrated for its contribution. There is a sense of group loyalty and group support. The atmosphere is cohesive. The environment is a community.

Any environment, for example a corporation, has its own brand awareness. As a domain any individual has their own spiritual awareness, who and what they are, how they live their life, what they stand for. Combined we help businesses build community

Our charity, Loquate, has a compelling Turnkey for corporations to measure community at 4 critical points. If you can’t measure it, you can’t monitor it. (Measuring community is equivalent to a sustainable Social score in ESG investing.  ESG stands for environment, social, and governance.)

Loquate is Community of a Secular Nature. But Spirit-centered community is what Loquate alone universalizes. When you satisfy innate needs and include an interdependence based on the Spirit, you have a more perfect form of God centered community. Doing so, you will tend toward quality of life defined as peace, happiness and joy for yourself, and increased sense of community in every group of which you are a part.

Spirit-centered community. Common community is not Spirit-centered. Common community is secular. Common community can never reach the height of God for God alone upholds the universe. Freedom to live our deepest beliefs in harmony with all is what God alone delivers. That Spirit-centered community that Loquate delivers is an Interdependence Based on the Spirit.

The Turnkey of Loquate for corporations builds Spirit-centered community.

The Loquate Turnkey for corporations forms volunteer small groups called Smart® groups. The Smart® group is a sign, a sign of love. Have you ever noticed in a chaotic manmade world comes order, precisely at a moment needed most?

Where does this come from? Not so much a sign that you and I agree to call this or that as much as the irrefutable fact that the sign comes. Let us not argue about the meaning of words as much as the fact that the sign does come. And when it does come, acknowledge it as “not from ourselves.” It is intelligent. It does exist. Let us call it God, or Spirit, or That which you value the most for the common good. Let us use the words interchangeably. Because when we pray or meditate, we seek it. Chaos ends. Order resumes. Life has changed and we are astounded. That is Spirit.

All are welcome!

There is no law against praying for each other. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech. Even the $1 bill contains the inscription “In God We trust.”

Today principles of Interfaith Dialogue are the instrumental means for “unity for all.” If any deny “unity for all,” they deny their self. Interfaith Dialogue in the Smart® group upholds atheists, agnostics, and all religions. No proselytizing in the small group shocks me into listening well. True diversity abounds in “unity for all.”

Open to all employees, the Turnkey builds a core community, ever expanding outward. Volunteers form Smart®  groups on their own time, keeping the cost of the Turnkey separate from administration. The volunteers take courses incentivized by extra pay from the dial-in dashboard of the Turnkey at a rate of the corporation’s choice to become ambassadors of community for the corporation.

The same Turnkey may be used to incentivize local community organizations. Community engagement is measured and bettered. As needs from a community assessment are met, corporate community relations thrive. The community cares because the corporation cares.

Ambassador’s quality of life makes the corporation a best place to work and in the local community a best place to live.

Twitter communities, Instagram communities and Facebook communities of the most highly motivated users of the corporation’s goods and services, make great ambassador candidates. Dialing down the corporate cost to zero and still empowered with the same Smart® group structure, they turn up your customer base into a community to help your business succeed.

Loquate is a ripple organization of Spirit-centered community. Corporations rise in community. Donations to Loquate are expected by corporations that employ its Turnkey.

The greater the corporate community, the higher the quality of  its brand.

Smart® group ambassadors make great community builders because they bring peace on earth “in unity for all mankind.” Spirit-centered community does this. Sign up for our free Newsletter.


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