Join Loquate

By: Jeff Liautaud on August 23, 2023 | Filed in: anawim|best place to live/work|Community|Loquate

Summary: Learn to facilitate a small group to satisfy innate needs. Makes where you work, a best place to work. Makes where you live, a best place to live. A donation of $200 is suggested one time (if you can afford that, otherwise a sum of your choice will suffice). Experience the benefits by learning […]

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Safety Matters

By: Jeff Liautaud on | Filed in: anawim|best place to live/work|Community|innate needs|Loquate|Safety matters

Summary: An unsafe environment thwarts innate needs. A safe environment satisfies innate needs. A definition of the word safety is “Being free from harm or risk.” If I cannot satisfy innate needs, I feel unsafe. For me, when I think about being safe, I think of a Spirit-centered community, like the Anawim who depended on […]

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Anawim Today.

By: Jeff Liautaud on August 10, 2023 | Filed in: anawim|innate needs|remnant|Smart® Ambassadors of Community|The Twelve Steps of Loquate|Wellbeing

Summary: Throughout history the anawim always were the remnant closest to God. That is because they surrendered to God, for example Christians say: “Jesus, I surrender to You. Take care of everything.” This is not idle talk. You don’t need much to live a good life. But like the anawim today, our whole life must […]

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Anawim Witness.

By: Jeff Liautaud on July 20, 2023 | Filed in: anawim

  the anawim                                R064-dn by jeff liautaud (with Catholic News Agency quotes) Mary and Joseph by name. Turned down at the Inn, a humble, poor couple, Mary and Joseph by name. Came their child, Jesus by name. Born in a cave, the world nary the same, Jesus by name. Who is a remnant? Their whole […]

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Religion is a tough problem.

By: Jeff Liautaud on May 18, 2023 | Filed in: the tough problem of religion

Summary Ever since mankind became self-aware, he has gotten off the point of changing himself to changing others. Our deepest beliefs are sacrosanct. God wants us to know Him. But if we impose our deepest beliefs on another, we usurp their free will. Creating a safe environment to share relevant resolution stories, not beliefs, is […]

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About Smart® Process Enrollment

By: Jeff Liautaud on May 12, 2023 | Filed in: best place to live/work|Community|Freedom to live your deepest beliefs in harmony with all|Wellbeing

Summary: Any community where you have freedom to live your deepest beliefs in harmony with all, is a best place to live/work. Learn to facilitate wellbeing through community wherever you go. Become a Smart® facilitator. Proven Successful! In one Smart® group, feedback scores over a 4 year period averaged 96% (A+). Members tend toward happiness […]

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The Middle Ground of Despair

By: Jeff Liautaud on May 8, 2023 | Filed in: Uncategorized

Summary: When one in authority over us, uses tactics that thwart our innate needs, it feels like this: “I cannot sleep. I have an upset stomach. It feels like someone just ripped the guts out of my life’s work.” It is the most intense of all human feelings. When we feel desperately helpless because of […]

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What is the connection between community and wellbeing?

By: Jeff Liautaud on January 3, 2023 | Filed in: Community|Wellbeing

Primary values discovered by Loquate promote wellbeing through community. Wellbeing comes from satisfying innate needs. Community comes from satisfying innate needs. Loquate, a charity for peace for over 50 years has become an expert on well being. Our Smart® groups experientially promote well being as measured by 4 critical tests. Each test identifies perception of […]

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By: Jeff Liautaud on December 24, 2022 | Filed in: Wellbeing

Summary: There is a bunch of clutter in every person’s life. Clutter is not what you think it is. Take me for example. It is Christmas Eve. I am left with baby Jesus. What can this possibly mean? Baby Jesus has no clutter in his life. He is a blank slate. I am in that […]

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Bitcoin Self Custody – Peace by Design

By: Jeff Liautaud on December 20, 2022 | Filed in: Uncategorized

Bitcoin Self Custody – Peace by Design Summary: This open source Multi sig Bitcoin self custody cold storage routine includes three different unknown ledger locations and pins, plus 2 factor authentication including at bank, electrum, and Coinbase. It relies on an interdependence based on Spirit-centered community. Send proposed changes to Combined with Bitcoin-blockchain-proof-of-work’s demonstrated […]

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