Loquate Brings Community.

Only community is peace, happiness, and joy.

Loquate defines sense of community as an environment characterized by togetherness and sharing as opposed to cool detachment. The leaders in the environment know the members and go out of their way to be helpful. Though the members are quite diverse, personal diversity is celebrated for its contribution. There is a sense of group loyalty and group support. The atmosphere is cohesive. The environment is a community.

We help organizations build community

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My charity, Loquate (pronounced “Low-Qwate” which is Latin for “Speak!”) has a compelling Turnkey. Would love to chat. So much more than meets the eye. Receive our free white paper to learn how corporations measure community at 4 critical points. If you can’t measure it, you can’t monitor it. (Measuring community is equivalent to a sustainable Social score in ESG investing.  ESG stands for environment, social, and governance.)

Our Turnkey begins in a corporation, incentivizes employee participation in the Loquate small group program, and empowers individuals as community ambassadors.

  • Turnkey includes community outreach “in unity for all.”
  • Participation learning in Loquate’s Smart® group program is open to all employees, saves time, builds community, creates peace, happiness and joy in through and by Natural Law, not religious teaching.

Professional Affirmation

“Hi again Jeff… I see remarkable convergence with our work,” said Richard M. Ryan co-author Cited by hundreds of thousands of Academic Research articles since 1981, and co-discoverer of the innate needs of human kind which may be, the greatest discovery in Natural Law, ever.

The Research cited also shows that the more people focus on goal content with selfish aims, like money, image, power etc., which do not directly satisfy innate needs and often crowd them out, the less happy they are—even when they attain them. The more they place value on community, the greater their well being and happiness.

Quality of life defined as peace, happiness and joy at work increases as corporations rise with community. This increases job satisfaction, builds morale to such a degree that for some participants the business becomes a best place to work, and the local community becomes a best place to live.

Turnkey Average Cost

Open to all employees, the Turnkey recommends that the Corporation incentivize employees to become volunteer community ambassadors. For business owners, founders, and CEOS, everything participants do is done on their own time, not at work except for incidental crossover bringing increased sense of community in every small group of which the worker is a part. The corporation pays participating employees $750 on average per employee per year for passing free Turnkey courses of their choice earning their ambassador certificate.

Also the corporation pays grants to volunteer organizations serving their community by community ambassadors costing on average $250 per year per individual.

A headcount donation to Loquate is expected from corporations that make use of our Turnkey.

Donation to Non-profit Loquate per year
Bread and Butter – Free will donation
Bronze – $2,500 basic membership
Silver – $5,000 intermediate membership
Gold – $10,000 advanced membership
Platinum – $20,000 sustaining membership

“I do believe Loquate has a very worthwhile small group program that can help businesses.” Nick C. CEO

The Loquate Smart® group program is inclusive. So inclusive, all employees of all or no faith may benefit. The Loquate X factor is “Freedom to live your deepest beliefs in harmony with all.” Only Loquate does this, making your workplace a best place to work, and your nearby communities a best place to live.

Don’t see what you want? Our program works in any environment. Contact Jeff and tell him what you are looking for.

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Still get our gold standard white paper for corporate community measurement and betterment by contacting us. The principles apply to every kind of environment. The greatest untapped resource is from within, building community. Extreme value is released from our Turnkey.

Management controls the cost of the Turnkey. Dialing the average cost down to zero…Ala Carte is our easiest option to implement…has no employee pay incentives…retains direct corporate grants to organizations…seeks low hanging fruit of a natural market through ambassadors…retains basic corporate community measurement and betterment.

Meet individual participants

Joseph began to change from helping a non-profit by building community to becoming its Development Director.
Kathy made a declaration offering her work as an asset based lending officer as a gift to God in humility asking for more of that kind of work. Today she has more and better clients to service than anyone else in her growing business community.
Jason prayed for his diverging family. Today Jason declares: “I am in a bubble of community including my family, and my work. It’s delightful!”
Elmer is a doctor who grew his practice serving patients through extreme empathy from community experience.
Mary loved praying and made a declaration to become a prayer warrior. Now early morning prayers brighten her day into the light of community.
Troy is an engineer with a natural bent for building community. Today as a community ambassador, he spreads the light of corporate community wherever he goes. He is an expert in community relations.

What is the Loquate Smart® group Experience?

  • The Loquate Smart® group experience is that no man is an island. Together we are far stronger than one alone. Because by recognizing concerns, we can share relevant resolution stories, not advice.
  • Even though Loquate has two programs, one for businesses since 1970 and one within the Catholic Church since 1987, both build community “in unity for all mankind.”
  • We do not want to take anything away from any individual’s deepest beliefs. Freedom to live your deepest beliefs in harmony with all is Loquate’s X factor.
  • Can you think of the best experience of your life? Does it have to do with “That which you value the most for the common good,” or Spirit, or God? If so, you validated our experience that the highest form of community is Spirit-centered. That is the kind of community Loquate delivers. Totally inclusive of atheist, agnostic or believer, Loquate’s Smart® group program wisely follows principles from experts on Interfaith Dialogue. Without proselytizing and largely listening well, individuals focus on changing only them self and no one else.

Turnkey Results are far reaching. See if your corporation can qualify. Contact Jeff and receive a corporation needs assessment form.

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The greater the corporate community, the higher the quality coming from its brand.