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Robust measurement of innate need satisfaction.

  • Super low cost.
  • Done as an unpaid volunteer on their own time.
  • Only recruitment is done at work, low key, once a year.
  • Robust results build community using the 4 pillars of happiness, discovered by Arthur C. Brooks, which are family, friends, work, and faith, and the work of Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan on satisfaction of innate needs, which are relatedness, competence, and autonomy, scientifically accomplished by habitual use of primary values discovered by Loquate that satisfy innate needs.
  • The goal is this. Freedom to live your deepest beliefs in harmony with all.
  • Makes where you work a best place to work. Makes where you live a best place to live.
  • Science based.
  • Leads to a simple, safe life.

Esg Measurement

E stands for environmental. S stands for sociological, and G stands for governance. Loquate offers Smart® groups that build community, the S component. The S component is a turnkey solution from Loquate that becomes part of your corporate plan.

Loquate offers a robust package of ESG social component measurement tools. The measurement tools are available to privately held companies small and large as well as to S&P 500 publicly held companies.

Loquate is an independent non-profit with no agenda, save one: wellbeing through community.

Wellbeing becomes habitual through Smart® habits that satisfy innate needs.


The Loquate Turnkey is a fundraising opportunity for its Sponsor.   Happiness is a direction, not a destination. Unity for all mankind draws participants together. We build community using Natural Law. Freedom to live our deepest beliefs in harmony with all is our goal. Extreme value occurs from helping another to accomplish “That which they value the most for the common good.”

What is the connection between community and wellbeing?

Primary values discovered by Loquate promote well being through community.

Wellbeing comes from satisfying innate needs. Community comes from satisfying innate needs. Loquate, a charity for peace has become an expert on wellbeing. Our Smart® groups experientially promote well being as measured by 4 critical tests. Each test identifies perception of members. The overwhelming evidence is this. Loquate feedback measures wellbeing and community.

Loquate defined sense of community with scientists at UCLA as “an environment characterized by togetherness and sharing as opposed to cool detachment. The leaders in the environment know the members and go out of their way to be helpful. Though the members are quite diverse, personal diversity is celebrated for its contribution. There is a sense of group loyalty and group support. The atmosphere is cohesive. The environment is a community.”

Richard M. Ryan co-discover of innate needs cited by over half a million Academic Research articles sees “Remarkable convergence” of 1) primary values and 2) innate need satisfaction. The two are inextricably linked. The scientific tests, that use feedback to measure degree of wellbeing and community, confirm this correlation.

Loquate makes each Smart® group autonomous with its own defining outreach to make the world a better place to live.

If you want more information for your organization, contact Jeff Liautaud at jeff@loquate.tv or schedule a meeting using our 1 on 1 Meeting Signup. At the scheduled time call me at 773-621-0863.

Loquate for over 50 years.

Loquate for the individual is like a natural food that refreshes oneself, and refreshes all mankind. Sign up now. Join the ESG wave.


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For brand awareness, the cost benefit ratio of Loquate’s community building is unsurpassed.

The greater the community in your organization, the higher the quality coming from your brand.