Bitcoin Self Custody – Peace by Design

By: Jeff Liautaud on December 20, 2022 | Filed in: Uncategorized

Bitcoin Self Custody – Peace by Design

Summary: This open source Multi sig Bitcoin self custody cold storage routine includes three different unknown ledger locations and pins, plus 2 factor authentication including at bank, electrum, and Coinbase. It relies on an interdependence based on Spirit-centered community. Send proposed changes to processorinfo1@gmail.com. Combined with Bitcoin-blockchain-proof-of-work’s demonstrated 100% impenetrability, this routine seeks best practice, self custody, ultimate security. Truth, justice, security and protection bring… peace.


Our work: Loquate is a charitable center for peace on earth.

What we do: Loquate’s Domain Theory is lived out in Smart® groups that predict the power of sustainable living for all mankind through Natural Law.

Who we are:  Our interfaith Smart® groups mentor Smart® Ambassadors of Spirit-centered community.

Our goal: Like Bitcoin, we uphold basic human rights. The power of the individual is supported and sovereign. May God bless the world with 1,000 years of peace. For this we pray!


Smart®  Ambassadors of Community make great community builders because they bring peace on earth “in unity for all.” Spirit-centered community does this.


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R109-Open Source Multisig Bitcoin routine.