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Muscovite Knocking

By: Jeff Liautaud on November 14, 2022 | Filed in: Community

Summary: Eye witness report.  Even some citizens of Moscow (“Muscovites”) experience deep economic distress. How can we get Bitcoin from their loved ones to them? Ukraine’s asylum for fleeing Russian conscripts could be a fruitful paradoxical twist.

Do not ask upon whose door the Muscovite is knocking. The Muscovite is knocking on your door.

When I first heard the story of Mary, a former Muscovite citizen (citizen of Moscow), I could not believe my ears. Then after I heard the story I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed that I was not doing more.

I know suffering. In my own family I suffered at the hands of those who were in power. I non-cooperated, non-violently. I succeeded. God came to my rescue. Read my case study.

Mary told me her true story. (I will generalize names and particulars to protect sensitivity to life and death.) Mary came to America from Russia many years ago, married, has children, and works at a good job in corporate America. Her husband is George a US citizen from birth who also works in corporate America.

When I heard Mary was from Russia, I tried to be most sensitive to her perspective on the war in Ukraine.

Others in her husband’s family call Mary their Princess. She has a most fair complexion, grace and dignity. Her answers are soft spoken but direct, straight to the point. Throughout the story I am about to reveal, she often had a slight smile of peace, grace and dignity on her face, what made her a princess in my eyes as well.

Mary was from Moscow. Her parents are in Moscow. Her greatest problem is getting money to her parents. Since the sanctions, Swift no longer works.

The need for me to help her parents rose with every word she spoke. Without ever being undignified, it was clear that Mary and George owned the problem. Conditions for her parents are most economically severe. If Muscovites have these problems, what about the rest of Russia? The economic hardship cannot be overcome because Mary and George cannot get money to Mary’s mom and dad.

I asked Mary’s view of the Ukraine conflict, trying to be sensitive to her perspective.

Mary said those in charge of the war are sending unprepared men to the front and the men even have to pay for their own supplies. They see now that supplies and military preparedness are non-existent. The graft has been so widespread in Russia that the disorganization that occurred in the beginning of the war continues. It was and is real. Before Ukraine, people had a belief in their military. George said now the men going to the front are given rations to eat that are 20 years old.

Mary said the Russian people believed they had a capable army before graft stole it.

I asked Mary why people in Russia do not rise up. Repression is everywhere. According to Aljazeera since Mar 2, 2022  ‘special military operation’ should be used to describe Moscow’s assault on Ukraine, according to Russian officials. Russians cannot speak publicly except with sanctioned rhetoric. For example if they spoke the word “war” in connection with Ukraine they could face a 10 year jail sentence.

So this enforced rhetoric is an entombment of silence. Good reporters had to leave the country or face jail. A good reporter provides objective, contextual truth. Social media is repressed.

Then Mary said: “My brother is a man without a country. Russian conscriptors are looking for him now. He had to take a circuitous route to leave Russia, or face almost certain death at the front in Ukraine. Her brother has become a person without asylum anywhere.

Then George told me about the plight of a long time housekeeper from Mariupol, Ukraine. Over many years she bought two apartment buildings in Mariupol on her housekeeper pay in America. Both buildings have been destroyed by the war.

George said the housekeeper hoped to get a little income each month from Mariupol. Now the housekeeper has nothing.

I asked George where he gets his hope. George said I am an American. My childhood stories are not like Russian stories of children being eaten. And he shrugged his shoulders as if to say “I want to do more, I don’t know what else to do.”

Mary interjected that even if Putin were gone there are many behind him, who are just like him. I wonder about Mary’s comment.  Many ordinary people are resigned that nothing will change. When an ordinary person rises up politically, like the one they poisoned, and then put in jail, how long must the world wait to free him? But, if the motivation of Putin’s inner circle is only profit, why wouldn’t the inner circle leave when it is no longer profitable to stay. To say nothing of facing war crimes.

Then I expressed myself: “I have a charity, Loquate that supports human rights.” Mary quickly said “There are no human rights in Russia.”

I turned to Mary and said “I will pray for your parents.” Mary’s look was one of true compassion and gratitude. Her words were “thank you,” as her body language showed deep collapsing interior repose. I had struck a chord she understood.

I said “I am embarrassed I am not doing more.”

I continued: “Let me tell you where my hope lies. I am a Roman Catholic. I believe that the Blessed Mother, the woman clothed with the sun, and Mother of Jesus, will biblically crush the head of the snake Satan thru her intercession to God on behalf of suffering little ones. My own country and the world has lost so many spiritual values, it has many, many suffering little ones.

I continued: “I live in a protective bubble of community. God is all powerful. Today I am seeing Miracles, First Hand. I believe the Second Pentecost is upon us.”

I believe that the time of one thousand years of peace has come upon suffering little ones, the Blessed Mother’s cohort.

Let me tell you how we can get asylum for Mary’s brother so he cannot be sent to the war in Ukraine’s front. Let Ukraine grant him, and all like him, asylum. Let these angels work for peace in Kyiv. Let their peace seeking be world peace seeking. Let them encourage all right thinking men to uphold basic human rights by non-cooperating, non-violently.

My only question now is will I help?  To my readers I beg you to tell me how we can send bitcoin from George and Mary to Mary’s parents in Moscow.




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