By: Jeff Liautaud | December 24, 2022 | Filed in: Wellbeing

Summary: There is a bunch of clutter in every person’s life. Clutter is not what you think it is.

Take me for example. It is Christmas Eve. I am left with baby Jesus. What can this possibly mean?

Baby Jesus has no clutter in his life. He is a blank slate. I am in that state.

My life is extremely simple. I have no axe to grind. Just gratitude.

I cannot quite explain this gratitude, but I will try. That will be my example of clutter. Here I go.

If someone reaches out to me in a way I know, and understand, I smile. If their outreach is in sync with my needs I coo.

He loves even now at birth. He loves his mother who cares for Him with a secret in her heart. He was not conceived of man alone but was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. “My soul doth proclaim the glory of the Lord.” He is tiny. Yes. But His love is great. So great it fills the entire world. What will He do next?

Angels on high proclaim “Glory, hallelujah, the Savior is born.” Wise men come bearing gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh, Gold too. The three wise men travel from afar guided by a holy night light.

A Shepherd boy sings and plays his tune. The cows and animals in the stable are docile in His presence.

The child is without clutter. St. Francis knew this. He gathered townspeople to re-enact the Sovereign’s birth. Sheer joy was the re-enactment. It continues to this day.

I am the same. I await the precious moment. I have zero competence, zero agenda, just being one with the Child when He arrives.

My life is to be a great light, clutter-less with earthly matters. I have one purpose. To love all before me.

Will you join me? I am an Ambassador of Community. I have an outreach, like the Infant’s arms outstretched to all of humanity. I, like Christ, am in a protective bubble of community, grace filled according to the will of the Father.

I, and baby Jesus, are built the same way.




These are innate needs of every human being. Like an Infant with an empty slate, I am motivated toward my own well-being and mental health only if…

I leave all clutter of earthly treasure behind.

Competence is satisfied by the primary value of attaining goals or other ends, not necessarily preconceived as goals, but which become goals, once experienced.

Love is doing that which is truly in the best interests of others, another primary value that satisfies my innate need for relatedness to every human being on earth fraught with clutter.

Clutter is the culprit. The ultimate clutter is the use of force to get my way. That would go against relatedness. The sovereign king infant Jesus laying in the manger has arms outstretched to all to help him exist.

Autonomy is satisfied by operating in an area of meaningful expansion for myself. In the baby Jesus, that is dying on a cross to save mankind from its clutter.

I will never be perfect. I will always be coming to the Lord, but I can seek to be a second best copy. No clutter!

My clutter is unique. So is yours. We both want to share our clutter. Here is my clutter. I want to hear about your clutter. There is a safe way we can do this together.

My charity Loquate and I help organizations build community

Be one with Creator God, the way you were meant to be, the pure way, without clutter. Enroll in a Smart® small group for $10 for three sessions. Then join us permanently free for life eternal. Get rid of the clutter. Be baby Jesus. You will tend toward peace, happiness and joy bringing a sense of community to all by your example.

By sense of community we mean an environment characterized by togetherness and sharing as opposed to cool detachment. The leaders in the environment know the members and go out of their way to be helpful. Though the members are quite diverse, personal diversity is celebrated for its contribution. There is a sense of group loyalty and group support. The atmosphere is cohesive. The environment is a community.

This protective bubble of community from your Smart small group is grace-filled to bring peace on earth… and our cross too, to strip us clean of clutter that we might become a more perfect example of doing that which we value the most for the common good… living the primary values by example sharing relevant resolution stories, prayer, and Miracles First Hand.

The world is so filled with clutter I need my Smart® group to refill my spiritual gas tank. It helps me become more by shared experience how to deal with clutter. My Smart® group is structurally developmental. They all lead to the same place, being least, no clutter. Freedom to live my deepest beliefs in harmony with all, is why I have gratitude and peace now.

No matter your personal devotions or public association commitments everyone needs to remove clutter. We never get into differences of belief in our Smart® group. Sharing experience using relevant resolution stories, never advice, is how we remain structurally developmental. We each need our respective Houses of Worship, our devotions, and public associations, more than ever. Our interfaith Smart® group outreach is to bring peace on earth. We only meet 9 times per year, a commitment of less than 4 tenths of one percent of our time.

Our work: Loquate is a charitable center for peace on earth.

What we do: We uphold basic human rights. Loquate’s Domain Theory is lived out in Smart® groups that predict the power of wellbeing for all mankind through Natural Law.

Who we are:  We are people like you who become Smart® Ambassadors of Community.

Our goal: The power of the individual is supported and sovereign. Loquate makes each Smart® group autonomous with its own defining outreach to make the world a better place to live.


Smart® Ambassadors of Community make great community builders because they bring peace on earth “in unity for all.” 


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