Bitcoin Self Custody – Peace by Design

By: Jeff Liautaud | December 20, 2022 | Filed in: Uncategorized

Bitcoin Self Custody – Peace by Design

Summary: This open source Multi sig Bitcoin self custody cold storage routine includes three different unknown ledger locations and pins, plus 2 factor authentication including at bank, electrum, and Coinbase. It relies on an interdependence based on Spirit-centered community. Send proposed changes to Combined with Bitcoin-blockchain-proof-of-work’s demonstrated 100% impenetrability, this routine seeks best practice, self custody, ultimate security. Truth, justice, security and protection bring… peace.


Our work: Loquate is a charitable center for peace on earth.

What we do: We uphold basic human rights. Loquate’s Domain Theory is lived out in Smart® groups that predict the power of wellbeing for all mankind through Natural Law.

Who we are:  We are people like you who become Smart® Ambassadors of Community.

Our goal: The power of the individual is supported and sovereign. Loquate makes each Smart® group autonomous with its own defining outreach to make the world a better place to live.

Smart®  Ambassadors of Community make great community builders because they bring peace on earth “in unity for all.” 


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R109-Open Source Multisig Bitcoin routine.